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We don’t just build brands… We build exciting brand experiences!

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We’re a brand development, graphic design and web design studio with our core focus on branding and identity.

We’re all about branding

Branding is the process of giving meaning to an organization, company, product or service by creating and shaping a brand in the consumers’ minds. You can consider a brand as the idea or image people have in mind when thinking about your product or business.

Branding goes beyond the design of a product or logo. A brand helps people identify and recognise your products. It differentiates your company from your competitors and helps you connect with your customers emotionally and builds trust.

Finding your brand purpose should be the 1st step of any brand strategy, yet few businesses do it. A brand purpose is the reason for an organization’s activities. It is based on what a company strongly believes in, and what difference it can make in the world. Why does your organization/brand exist?

There is a general perception that logo design is branding. This is not the case! They are however closely related and work together in a cohesive way, but are two very different processes.

Are you a business owner who feels that…?

We understand how branding impacts business.

We know that your brand is much more than a logo, and that a well-designed, unified brand can help you leave a lasting impression on your ideal clients.

We'll work with you to design and establish a brand that's right for your company.


Let’s work together

Want to build a proud & confident brand?

Discover your brand’s purpose, unique identity and a clear vision for your business future and success.
Using strategy and creative thinking, we craft a custom-made blueprint to help you on your brand journey.

What we do


Brand strategy

When you need to make a strong impact on your audience, you need a strategic approach to branding.

Graphic design

The identity design. We design the visual elements to represent your brand and business.

Digital solutions

Complete your brand with an online presence that is built to communicate your brand soul.



Every project we do is a little bit different, but this is how we always get it done.

Identifying & defining your ideal customer

We start by defining a clear image of exactly who you serve and how they think. Why do we do this? Because you can’t help people unless you know them – their hopes and desires or their fears and problems.

Crafting your customer journey

What converts total strangers into die-hard fans of your brand? A constant pull of value and inspiration. We map out your customer’s journey so you’ll be able to meet them at their point of need.

Determining your unique sweet spot

At this stage, we will determine what makes you different from your competitors and how we can place you as the perfect choice for your customers. Together, we will discuss critical questions like who you are, what you stand for, and how you do things.

Crafting your positioning and messaging

Here we decide your brand positioning and message. By this point, we’ll know exactly what story you should tell, who you need to tell it to, and how you should tell it.


This is where we bring it all together. We’ll craft your brand strategy into an easily actionable and implementable plan that gives you a vetted blueprint for your brand’s success.


We design your visual brand elements Logo | Stationery | Packaging… And start development on your online presence Social Media | Website | Funnels

Happy clients


We’re excited to share our testimonials with you. These are just a few of the many people who have found what they were looking for at this!brand, and we hope that you will, too.

We know you have a lot of options when it comes to choosing a company to work with. That’s why we take pride in our customer service, and it’s why we want to make sure we’ve got your back. We want you to be able to come back again and again.

quote 01 - this!brand - brand & identity design
Natalie M
Fashion Designer - Business Owner

It is a pleasure working with Bonita.

She delivers exactly what my company needs. I find her and her work engaging, timely and creative.

5 Stars from me

quote 01 - this!brand - brand & identity design
Liam G
Health & Fitness - Business Owner

We just wanted to blindly rebuild our website, because it was not converting. After meeting with this!brand we decided to have them build a brand for us before doing the website. Instead of just having a new website, we really connect with our visitors now… and it shows in our sales.

quote 01 - this!brand - brand & identity design
Shontelle & Louise
Charity Startup

The girls’ reaction was awesome. They loved it! They were so happy. Thank you so much! 💜

quote 01 - this!brand - brand & identity design
Nicola F
Hair & Beauty - Business Owner

I originally reached out because I was having trouble with my site’s speed and it didn’t seem to matter what I did, I couldn’t speed it up.

I could see that they really cared about small businesses, which led to them helping me build a new website that linked in with our new brand.

I highly recommend them! No matter how big or small the job was, they were happy to help and were so incredibly patient with me. I couldn’t recommend them highly enough!

quote 01 - this!brand - brand & identity design
Lucy B
Wedding - Business Owner

At first I was hesitant to change my brand.

I thought I might lose all the progress I had already made and that people will not recognize my company anymore.

Looking back, I’m glad I decided to work with you. My brand now has an identity I’m proud to promote and I’m attracting more valuable clients.

quote 01 - this!brand - brand & identity design
Jessica W
Communication Specialist - Business Owner

I loved working with Bonita!

I fully relaxed into knowing that she was willing to really listen, really get to know what I stood for and how I want to share myself with the world.

My heart opens when I look at the stunning logo she created – that’s how I know it’s exactly right for me!

I am looking forward to working with you again on my next project.

quote 01 - this!brand - brand & identity design
Kemi F
Fashion Sales - Business Owner

We absolutely loved working with this!brand!

From the 1st meeting where she showed the creative direction, we knew she understood what we wanted what we wanted and that she had listened to what we shared with her.

We couldn’t have asked for better. We cant wait to work with you again!


Christian Perry
Creative Heads Inc.

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Christian Perry
Creative Heads Inc.

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