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Designers aren’t just people that decorate websites and make them look nice and work well. In designing an attractive and successful website, the entire process starts with the content.

Both branding and marketing have different roles and goals. All Marketing is Branding, but not all Branding is Marketing.

Writing a brand vision statement, in its most basic form, begins with knowing and identifying your organisation.

A mission statement clearly expresses the aim of your business. It should explain what your company does and why it does it. Here is a guide for creating a mission statement.

There’s just something about the brands we identify with. We share a strange bond with them that is difficult to describe. We feel as if we know them.
It’s almost as though we love them in some cases.
What is it about these brands that draw us in?
Why do we embrace them into our family and show loyalty to them?
Is it great ad content, fantastic brand identity design, or some kind of magic?

We all have our own unique personalities; the same goes for brands. What makes your brand special? How do you want customers to see you? Your brand voice is how a brand chooses to speak. It’s the tone, the personality and the look & feel of a brand’s communication with its audience.

We’ve all heard the saying, “Don’t judge a book by its cover,” but when it comes to business, customers will always make judgements based on your brand.

When people say they love a brand, they’re not merely referring to the product or service. They’re talking about several attributes that collectively make them feel good about the brand. Those features together are what create a brand personality.

Is it necessary for you to develop your own personal brand? You’re a one-of-a-kind product. In the internet era, we are all our own brands.

Rebranding is something that a lot of companies do.
Changes in visuals such as logos, fonts, colour schemes, templates, and so on are the most common manifestations.
Are you aware of what it is and why it is carried out?

Countless marketing dollars are wasted by both large and small businesses in an effort to increase their exposure. However, the fact is that some marketing strategies are more effective than others in terms of increasing your exposure.
You must master the art of creative branding to achieve full brand exposure.

What if your best employee stole your customer list and started a rival company? What if Amazon produced a white-label version of your consumer item? What if your biggest rival purchased the majority of your competitors?