It’s time to ‘spring clean’ your brand

I can’t believe we’re already almost halfway through 2020.
Despite the current state of the planet, there is a renewed sense of optimism and inspiration in the air.
These feelings of renewal can be exploited in a way that benefits both your brand and, most importantly, your target audience.

Why not think about dusting off and revamping your brand as you wrap up your ‘spring cleaning’ and say goodbye to the items that no longer fit you?
Rather than putting it off another year, don’t resist the urge to give your brand’s look and sound the makeover it deserves.

Branding is the process of creating powerful messages and images that clearly convey your brand and products to your target audience in ways that set you apart from the competition.
A full rebrand should provide the foundations for your brand messaging and visual identity (logo design and an identity system to communicate your brand), as well as a strategy for communicating these through your website and marketing support systems.
You will then reinforce the brand regularly and strategically across all media outlets until all of the components were in place to ensure full impact.

Since your brand is your most valuable asset, rebranding should not be taken lightly.
When looking for a partner for this delicate task, it’s critical to go with a specialist to ensure that the brand evolution is a success.

Here are some signs that it’s time for a rebranding:

It just doesn’t look right

It’s important to stay visually appropriate.
Your company could be the most dynamic in your industry, but if your logo and visual brand identity don’t match, you may be losing out on opportunities and sending the wrong signals to potential customers.

A change of guard is performed

An organization’s brand is often linked to key leadership.
When the leadership changes, the brand’s path will change as well.
Identity and brand messaging are no longer in sync with the goals of new practices.

Evolution of your customers

Your brand should evolve in tandem with your customers’ tastes and needs.
With competition competing for their attention, and with their needs evolving, staying relevant in their eyes is crucial.

Acquisitions and mergers

Your company has merged with another one. Or it’s been purchased. Alternatively, it might have purchased another.
What should the new brand’s appearance and tone be now?
How can it be formed so that it can confidently present itself in the face of these changes?

It’s time to reposition your brand

What the brand stands for is likely to change over time.
Your audience can become confused if your visual brand identity and brand messaging do not keep up.
Your brand must maintain a positive connection with your target audience.