February 2019

Belvick Cover
Conceptual project

A different approach to insurance.

Cover with a twist. Life Insurance, Health, Insurance and extended injury cover.

Let’s say you are taking up base jumping and want some injury and life cover for while you’re learning, that’s where Belvick cover comes in. The highlighted “cover” symbolises the short-term or temporary part of the service as well as highlighting or covering the word “cover” that completes the concept of being covered.

belvick logo - this!brand - brand & identity design
cover image - this!brand - brand & identity design

Sleek and modern

The design is clean and simple, just like the service they provide. The stationery is bold and in high-contrast, using various combinations of lines, dots and colours to reinforce the concept of high-risk times as a temporary element and the Belvick service.

Great results

The advertising tone encourages the reader to go out and have some fun while ensuring them that they are covered. Making use of vibrant and exciting, high-contrast images, while reinforcing the brand’s yellow highlight.

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