June 2021

Parvaneh Cosmetic Studio

The requirements for this logo was simple…
1. It must have a butterfly
2 It must be feminine
3. They LOVE gold

this brand - brand strategy - graphic design - web design and development - New Zealand - Australia

A classic and elegantly styled logo with a slightly customised serif type font.

The name “Parvaneh” appears strong and elegant. The lighter “cosmetic studio” serves as an underline function and balances the overall weight of the logo.

The image is a more vector representation of a butterfly with detailed lines.
The butterfly represents the founder’s career transformation and adds a more feminine feeling to the overall look.

The logo is strong enough to be used with and without the butterfly element.

The vector nature of this logo makes it scalable and it will display perfectly at any size.
It is suited for all methods of production e.g. web, print, metallic foil, embroidery, laser cutting, 3d signs.

Website design

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